As a human things aren't always going to be perfect: relationships, jobs and experiences always come with moments of triumph and also moments of difficulty. The triumphs of course make us feel good. And the difficulties, well the difficulties suck! But they help to strengthen us and open us up to become the best version of ourselves. However there are times in which these difficulties and conflicts are trying to tell us something — give us signs if you will. In these moments, they inform us that it is time to let go, either of someone or something: it is time to move on.

Most of the time, we don't heed these signs. We want to hold on in fear that nothing else will replace the person/situation. When we think like this, we become an energetic or spiritual hoarder, keeping someone/something that is no longer of use or serves us. However, in order to breathe, in order to be at peace, in order to thrive you need to clear and clean house. You need to let go.

But I get it.
Sometimes the thought of letting go itself is so painful that then of course you think the actual act of letting go will be even more painful. Well perhaps it will be. Perhaps not.
Think about it like this: We all know when it's time for us to go to the bathroom and do #2. We get that uncomfortable feeling in our tummy. And it can be annoying. The more and more you hold it in, the most the annoyance turns into extreme annoyance which then turns into pain. If you keep holding it in either one of two things will happen, your body will automatically expel the #2 on its own without you being able to control it or you will get extremely sick.
The situation is the same here in letting go. 

Your Higher Self will find a way to automatically expel the person/situation from your life in way that is very embarrassing or unpleasant. Or you will get emotionally or physically sick staying in the present situation. This is why it is best to just let go.

Perhaps the Universe wants to upgrade your life with something much better but you keep holding on it/them. Imagine if you kept holding onto that walkman instead of upgrading to a mp3 player? Imagine if you kept holding onto that 90s phone instead of upgrading to a smart phone? Imagine if you had to keep going to the library for information instead of using Google!?!? (But no, still support our libraries though. ✊) 

Life is about changes and enhancements. Don't let what was meant to be seasonal in your life become a permanent. This hinderance will prevent you from moving on into greatness and better opportunities that have been stored up for you. Appreciate the moments and times you had with that job, event, position, relationship or situation. Be grateful for it. Then, when it comes time, move on. Your life depends on it. 

-King 👑