There is a lot of happenings currently in media around the #MeToo Movement. People are speaking up against injustice and wrongful unwarranted touch. According to studies 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men are victims of sexual abuse. But can sexual abuse go just beyond physical?
Can it just go beyond verbal?
What about thoughts?
Are thoughts of lust and desire considered to be sexual abuse? If the saying “energy follows thought” holds any merit or Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion that states, “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, then yes. Your thoughts of sexual desire to someone who is not your sexual partner is sexual abuse. For more detail about the mechanics of this and how thoughts are connected from one person to another, check out our previous blog post about cord connections.

Albert Einstein on Energy

Have you thought these comments to yourself (or said them to someone that you were not in a romantic or sexual relationship with):
-Can I have your babies?
-I want you to have my babies
-If I were only a few years younger/older…
-Look at that ass
-He got big hands/feet, you know what they say about that
-I want you so bad
-I can drink that person’s bath water
-Can’t wait to get you in my bed
-I need that inside me
-I want to enter that

…and the list goes on. P.S This is the clean version. To really see unedited thoughts turned into words click here.

Catcalling Project

Unless you are apart of the 1% of the population that are asexual, as physical beings and personalities with sexual desires, we have all been guilty of the above. There is however a difference between appreciating someone for their beauty, like a beautiful painting in a museum versus lusting for their body. Yet, even in appreciating someone for their beauty without lust, a cord is still attached between you and that person.

Now I hear some of you. You may be saying, “None of this relates to me. I am holy. I don’t sin. I am apart of the asexual 1%.” Well good for you! However if you haven’t been guilty of being a (thought) perpetrator of sexual abuse you have definitely been a (thought) victim.

Catcalling Looks

Long story short, we are all f***ed up and can cry out #MeToo! However there is hope. One way to release yourself from this is by cutting the energetic cords between you and others who may have projected thoughts of lust towards you. You can learn more on how to do so here.

Thoughts become words. Words become actions. Actions become habits. In order for us to eradicate the #MeToo cycle, we need to begin with the seeds, our thoughts. 

What are you thinking?

Check out this funny (yet disturbing) clip on guys accidentally catcalling their mothers. Click here to see it!