Something everyone would say they want more of in some respect. Whether it is in finances so you don’t need to work as hard or worry about money, abundance in resources so you don’t need to worry about where the next needed or desired products or services come from, abundance in time so you have the time to really pursue what you want to do, abundance in love (romantic, emotional, spiritual, physical) and the list goes on. We can all agree that we would like abundance in some or all areas of our lives.

We pray. We mediate. We hope. We wish. We dream. We conjure. We do what we need to in order to attract what we desire the most in our lives. But even after all of that, sometimes things don’t change. Or perhaps they change a bit, but then they go back to being what they were. Why? You know you really want IT! And it isn’t that you haven’t been diligent in pursing it or even giving it to God or The Universe for it to manifest. You have done all of that, but why does it seem like things aren’t changing? Why is it that it is same thing as usual? Is God not there? Has the Universe left the building? Or perhaps you have left your faith in religious leaders that say The Divine gives three answers:
Yes. No. Wait. 
So maybe you received a no? Or maybe you are being told to wait??? Perhaps. But in some cases, you need to make the change. You need to shuffle things up in your life. You need to move!
And I’m not talking about the drastic move of literally moving your home from one place to another (although for some people this may be needed). But you need to move around your surroundings, the people you hang out with, the groups you are apart of, your way of being.

In order to attract abundance you need to have an abundance mindset and have energies of abundance surround you. If you are in an area among other people who always worry about money, how do you think that will make you? People feed off of each other’s energy, literally. We are all connected by something called entrainment. This is one of the reasons why if women all live the same house together for an extended period of time they will all menstruate around the same dates. This is also one of the reasons why when you walk into a room and something bad o̶r̶ ̶s̶e̶x̶u̶a̶l̶ just happened, you can feel the thickness of the energy. Hence the saying “you can cut the tension with a knife'".

The heart radiates a diameter of 6 feet around it and anything within that 6 feet is affected and effected by it. (If you want to understand the deeper science behind this go to heartmath.org.) So imagine being around a group of people that all have a negative disposition regarding abundance. Can you see how this will impact you? I have discovered this first hand in regards to my prosperity.

My own personal, first level of prosperity is having more than enough money to do what I need to do so I can take care of myself and others. I never want to have to think about the price of something. So after I graduated from college I was apart of this amazing spiritual group. I have learned so much about spiritual truths from them.  However for the five years I was with them, I was always in state of never having enough money. I was behind on bills and there were times in which my bank account would be in the negative. I decided to take a break from being apart of the group for a year. And I noticed something interesting; the longer I was away from the group, the more my prosperity energy and ability to hold money stayed with me. I was able to take Ubers everywhere and purchase things I never thought I would be able to. However when I decided to return for a week for a special event within my year hiatus, boom, money started to flow away from me again and future money making opportunities got canceled. I thought it was a weird coincidence. Then after that week, I went back to my hiatus and again, the money started to flow once more. Once more in my year hiatus decided to participate in a special mediation with the group for one day. During the meditation my phone kept going off. I didn’t know what it was until I looked back at my phone after the mediation and realized my bank account was in the negative by hundreds. Like WTF!?!?! Why did so much money get taken out of my account all of the sudden? So here I am again thinking damn, it happened during the meditation with that group. I think this group, although they mean well, the collective unconscious of the group may be one of lack and not of abundance at all. Or perhaps it is but my prosperity energy center is more dynamic than everyone in the group. So, when the group comes together and we “become one” through entrainment my prosperity energy center drops down to their vibration.  No bueno. So I said okay, maybe I am going crazy. But again, after that meditation that day, I left again and went back into my year hiatus and boom, the money started pouring in from every place! There was a point in which all my bills were paid and I had so much money in my account and in my wallet than I can ever remember having ever in my life thus far. And I was like, yes. This is the lifeeee!

So then my year hiatus was over. I decided well let me go back to the spiritual group and do my due diligence and be of service to people, then boom again the money started leaving and the appointments I had to make money went away. It became clear to me that I could no longer be apart of the group. But I felt bad, to be honest. This group helped get me to a good point in my spiritual life. They taught me so many spiritual truths and I have grown so much with them. They even have so many more initiatives being offered in which I would like to learn more about and be apart of. However I can’t do it. If I want to be prosperous in my finances, I have to leave.  And it is something I am still coming to terms with. It is hard.

But it is time I realize it is okay for me to step away. I will be okay. I am covered spiritually in my life’s quest. Another amazing spiritual group(s) will come along that I will love and will take care of my continued journey for what I call high-end spirituality. There may even be some more millennials apart of the new group in whom I can bond with. And that would be a huge plus! I’m sure they are out there and it would be awesome to be apart of that new and well-needed experience. 

So you’ve heard my story. Now what’s happening with you? What spaces are you in that are preventing your dreams from being fulfilled? Who, what or “where” is holding you back from pursing the prosperous life you deserve? It may be time, no matter how hard, for you to say good bye so you can say hello to your future filled with  goodness, prosperity and wealth.
It is time. Your abundant destiny is calling. Fulfill it.

-King 👑