Whew, how long has it been since we have written a blog? Did you miss us? 

Crickets. Crickets. Crickets...

Crickets. Crickets. Crickets...










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Well for those that may have missed us, we missed y'all too! We have been hard at work in revamping our wellness offerings for individuals and organizations. As you may know (or not know) our goal at Full Force is to be more than just an ordinary dance organization. It is to be a transformative healing engine in which we continuously enhance the overall well being of others. In this vain, we have revamped a series of our workshops into what we call Making Moves

Making Moves uses modalities such as dance movement therapy, aromatherapy, breathing techniques and affirmative visualizations to help individuals and organizations gain clarity and more effectively navigate decision-making and change. 

Afraid of some of these terms because you’ve never heard them? Don’t be. More than anything, this class is FUN, and it has been dubbed “Oprah's Super Soul Sunday through movement” by participants. It is low impact, guided, and non-judgmental. You will leave feeling energized, relaxed, and most of all - CLEAR!

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So I know what you are thinking, what happened to the other classes you were offering? Are they still available? 

In short, yes they are! But we found that Making Moves helps to streamline all the former classes into one, easy-to-understand method of upgrading your life. (Partner let me upgrade you) 

And we know you are also thinking, what was the process behind creating Making Moves? Where did the inspiration come from?

Well the process was very organic. When we initially started classes for the wellness component of our organization, we asked for feedback from the participants directly after each class, as well as 48 hours later. And a few months ago we noticed a pattern… 

Oprah aha moment!

Oprah aha moment!

Many testimonials we received mentioned some sort of positive change occurring within 48 hours after our engagement. And the change was always something new or different that the person never explored or thought of before. This gave us an aha moment! These classes helped people to change their lives for the better by “making a move” on a new profound discovery. Hence, the title and how it came into fruition. 

We would also be extremely remiss if we did not mention our amazing and fantastic consultant Nicolle Bennet who has worked with us diligently to mold this into something worthwhile and easily digestible for the masses. (You rock Nicolle!)

Making Moves.
Coming to a city near you soon(…if you contact us to come on in and hold a workshop with your peoples!) 

-King 👑