8 years…
Can you believe we have been around for 8 years? Crazy. We are bugging out!

Founders and directors Anginese Phillips & Kadeem Alston-Roman came together in 2010 thanks to a suggestion by Valerie Alston, Kadeem’s aunt and Anginese’s former teacher. Since then the company has embarked on such a whirlwind of sorts. Sometimes looking back and thinking about 8 years, we say to ourselves, ehh, that’s not that long. But let’s take a look at the world for a minute within the past 8 years.

2010's cup.jpg

Since 2010 we have changed presidents from an experienced candidate to an inexperienced one, seen a fairytale wedding happen between a British prince and biracial American divorcee, experience the resignation of a pope, created a movement for a race stating that their lives matter, know that #LoveIsLove and not to mention hearing about a mogul that bought 10% of a company’s shares which allowed the company’s shares to surge more than 350 percent. In all of this, Force Force Wellness & Dance Repertory has been around. Trudging along like the little engine who could. 😂😂😂


In keeping with our honest and transparent nature, it has been a long journey and roads have been turbulent. There were times in which the company was planning on actually closing its doors for good. But we haven’t given up! We have stayed the course. In this, we have discovered gems that have been beneficial in our strategy of work. This includes us changing from solely being a dance company to a wellness organization that uses holistic practices to reinvigorate the minds, hearts, bodies and sprits of people. Through this we have helped individuals act up out of and live within their full potential.

We have also created jobs and hired the following on a seasonal basis: 
-21 dancers for various performances and events
-6 photographers and videographers
-9 administrative support team members

In addition:
-Our performance work has been seen by over 100,000 people to date which includes Off-Broadway, television and arenas across the world
-Our holistic wellness work has helped to enrich the lives of hundreds in non-profits, start-ups, nursing homes, schools, universities, hospitals and communities through the east coast.

Needless to say, we have been putting in work.

you better work rupaul.gif

So over 8 years what is the lesson we have learned from all that we have done?


In order to get what you know you deserve based off of what you have to offer, it takes sacrifice. It takes patience. It takes endurance in order to proceed with all of your might. We are so grateful for all that we have experienced thus far and know that within these next 8 years, the Universe is ready for us and working something magical on our behalf.

Full Force out!







-King 👑