Yup. That is right. Even though we all attended and graduated college/university years ago, we are back off to college! 

Oh we can see it now — the all-nighters to study for tests and to do papers, the midnight runs to get snacks before the last grub place on campus closes, the quad hangouts, the smell of showering in a communal bathroom (deep inhale, deep exhale). Smells like home.

Okay, so you are probably wondering what we are actually doing regarding going back to college…cause we definitely don’t want to relieve some of those trying moments we had. Moments of unclarity in life, trying to find self, trying to understand what the purpose of ALL it is means. #TheStruggleWasSoDamnReal

And because we know there are other colleges students who are going through some of the same trials and tribulations we went through as students, we understand that it is our duty to give back. We know that if a company such as Full Force held workshops at our college during our years as students, we would have acquired integrative holistic wellness tools needed to thrive in a campus environment and beyond. Not only would our transition from college to the real world have been smoother but we would have gained a true inner acceptance and love for ourselves within the higher education setting. We would not have allowed anyone else to dim the light that lives within us no matter how female, black, Latinx, feminine, artsy, urban, queer or masculine we were. We would have lived our lives to the fullest whilst in college oppose to just doing what was needed to survive and get through it (while trying to have a little bit of fun).

Because we understand the plight of living in “the bubble”, as campuses can sometimes be called, we knew it was time to make moves using our Making Moves platform to create a change within higher education. And honestly, that just seemed to be the natural fit for us. We were already holding our workshops for other institutions within this sector, so why resist and not continue. As a millennial run organization, we figured that although we are full grown adults, we are still close enough in age to relate strongly with students in a variety of ways. This includes everything from pop culture to technology to an openness and acceptance for all people regardless of race, color, creed, nationality, orientation and identification. We totally get it!

So you are probably asking, well what is this offering you mention? This Making Moves thing. Well if you want more a detailed explanation, feel free to click here. But long story short this class enhances the physical, mental and psychological state of students through various exercises. It allows students to be themselves and gives them room to learn more about themselves and others in a safe space. A few main trigger points that are usually addressed surround one or a few of the following:
-Transition (Whether from one year to the next or anxiety around transitioning into the real world) 
-Self-Identity (Having the confidence and strength to accept one’s self image and inner world no matter what)
-Communal Interactions (Fostering a sense of understanding, patience and success within different social settings and happenings)
-Self-Care (How to take care of self in various situations so one stays balanced and assured)

Although there is a set curriculum in place, each workshop is unique within itself depending upon what transpires or comes up during the time. This is to allow for fluidity of movement within the topics being tackled. 

Anywho, this is turning into more of the detailed version. (Boo!) Which means this post is getting super long. (Double Boo!) So we are gonna end it here by saying, we are so excited for move-in day! We already have all of our bags packed, including posters of musicians and actors/actresses in our favorite movies, Christmas lights and a tie dye hanging wall sheet. We are going to make this dorm room the best home ever!

-King 👑

For more info about our Making Moves: College Edition workshop click here.