The world is bigger than the classroom.

While being a college student gives the knowledge, technique and skill set needed to be a working professional, what space are given to deal with the social, emotional, and mental effects of the transition from scholar on college to a career person in the real world?

Studies have shown that through transitions such as this, our brains seek to survive in response to changes, usually causing anxiety, feelings of loss or failure, a decreased ability to learn or make decisions, and even the suppression of movement. In short, we can "check out" - mentally, emotionally, and physically ALL OF WHICH EFFECT OUR WORK PERFORMANCE.

Making Moves uses clinically proven interactive exercises to help students acknowledge and move through their transition from college to the professional world. This allows space for deep clarity and understanding to more effectively navigate decision making and change.

More than anything this class gives students the opportunity to learn about themselves and how they can holistically support their well-being after college.

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*This program can also be curated towards initiatives such as Multi-Cultural Life/Departments of Diversity & Inclusion. Find out how.