Change is inevitable.
We help individuals navigate it with purpose.

Feeling burned out or unclear? This workshop is for you.

As humans, we face multiple changes at any given moment, changes we may or may not have chosen; moving to a new apartment, adjusting to a new co-worker, a parent moving in, uncertainty about your career or purpose - the list goes on. We naturally go through transitions as we develop, and, without knowing it, hold stress in our bodies in relation to these transitions.

Studies have shown that our brains seek to “survive”  in response to these changes, which can cause anxiety, feelings of loss or failure, a decreased ability to learn or make decisions, and even the suppression of movement. In short, we can “check out” - mentally, emotionally, or even physically. While our brains and bodies are built for resiliency and survival, they are also built to belong (connect with others) and to thrive (to reach our potential). Meaningful movement can provide the necessary release that allows us to move beyond survival, to clarity - to more meaningful engagement with others and with ourselves around the changes we are experiencing or seeking.

Change management often focuses on the mental, psychological, behavioral and even emotional aspects of change - without recognizing that we are kinesthetic at our core.

MAKING MOVES combines these aspects, using modalities such as dance movement therapy, aromatherapy, breathing techniques and affirmative visualizations to help individuals (in a group) and private groups to gain clarity and more effectively navigate decision-making and change.

Afraid of some of these terms because you’ve never heard them? Don’t be. More than anything, this class is FUN, and it has been dubbed “Oprah's Super Soul Sunday through movement” by participants. It is low impact, guided, and non-judgmental. You will leave feeling energized, relaxed, and most of all - CLEAR!

Who is this group class for?

  • Individuals seeking clarity or direction around a current or potential change

    • Students

    • Professionals

    • Young adults, adults, and older adults

  • How long?

    • Workshops usually range between 45 minutes to 75 minutes.

A deeper look into Full Force's class, Making Moves.

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Our workshops consist of a one-day or multi-series experience. 
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