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Change is difficult. Clarity around making or navigating change can be even more difficult. Whether you feel like you need to focus your mission/purpose, are ready to make a change but unsure how, or you and your staff are in the midst of a transition and need help navigating through it - the key to clarity lies in MAKING MOVES.

Our highly lauded Making Moves series for individuals has also proven to be highly effective for organizational teams and leaders who are leading staff through change or dealing with their own transitions. These specialized series are still grounded in the powerful brain and movement science that make Making Moves so effective, but are uniquely designed to address the stressors faced by businesses in a state of change; whether employee turnover/new leadership, lack of trust/productivity in new teams, or changes in management. The result: more meaningful engagement between staff/leaders and among teams, clarity around organizational mission/purpose, and tools for leaders others through change while navigating it yourself.

Our offerings:

  • Leading Moves: For leaders of teams or organizations going through a change

    • Gain clarity around your role and tools for leading staff through change

  • Team Moves: Experiences for full teams (private group)

    • New teams (having recently gone through or are prepping for a change or transition - whether new hires, or newly working together)

      • Establish rapport, coherence, clarity and purpose as a team

For who has Making Moves made an impact? Teams and leaders from organizations such as:


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